Horrifying Halloween

Shane k ryan horrifying halloween

Final render ended up turning out pretty much how I planned it. Looking at it now I should of maybe but some dead leaves in, hmmmmm.

Shane k ryan aa

Early stages of texturing the environment.

Shane k ryan blood

I was really struggling with getting the look of the blood right until some kind people on social media gave me tips on both the splatter effect and the material.

Shane k ryan nb2

1st version after fetting feedback online.

Shane k ryan nb1

2nd version witrh toned down blood splatters as I wanted to make sure the steel of the blade was visible in the dark lighting.

Shane k ryan fleshleft

Last issue I had was when I put the boot prints in I scaled them off the knife, that made me realise the pumpkin and knife were way to big for the setting. I adjusted them in the final render but lesson learned always make everything to scale as you go!

This one started off as just a quick idea to make a Jack O'Lantern and ended up being a whole scene that took me up to Halloween night to complete.